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Ruby - Gala Dress (From My Fic) by MattHunX Ruby - Gala Dress (From My Fic) :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 6 0 New Religion by MattHunX New Religion :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 2 0 RWBY OC Weapon - Svanhildur by MattHunX RWBY OC Weapon - Svanhildur :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 1 0 RWBY OC - Alessia Aurora by MattHunX RWBY OC - Alessia Aurora :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 0 0 RWBY OC Weapon - Dusk Scout by MattHunX RWBY OC Weapon - Dusk Scout :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 6 0 RWBY OC - Lucile Lonestar by MattHunX RWBY OC - Lucile Lonestar :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 4 10
Red Haze
Red Haze - Fade To Crimson
[Verse 1]
The pack descends, here to prey on innocents
Terror their tool, tear-drops on the jewel.
One brave of a fool, tried to end their rule.
Died in light of lime, one more to their crime.
[Verse 2]
Can't see a pearly gate, so filled with hate,
Eyes open wide, nowhere in fear to hide.
Rise from the flame, a hunter in the game,
The prey no more, kicked open Hell's door.
The beast within, for years starved thin,
When it's fight or flight, do or die,
Awaken now, it's time to sin.
Let angels cry, the Heavens tremble high,
A soul's reborn under the falling sky.
Heels dug in the ground, its calling found,
Rage out of reins, it's now bloodbound.
[Verse 3]
Revenant beating heart, new author of dark art,
The artist formerly known, tears it all apart.
Every canvas hunted, prey most wanted,
True colors spread across, pale from blood-loss.
[Verse 4]
Pray it will soon end, welcome the reaping hand,
Crawl on the floor, to the threshold of death's door
:iconmatthunx:MattHunX 2 5
RWBY - Adult Dark Rose by MattHunX RWBY - Adult Dark Rose :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 6 5 RWBY - Adult Ruby by MattHunX RWBY - Adult Ruby :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 19 3 RWBY - Ruby New Dress by MattHunX RWBY - Ruby New Dress :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 9 6 DBS - Pan and Beranise by MattHunX DBS - Pan and Beranise :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 1 0 Dragonball - Kid Pan - Alt Future by MattHunX Dragonball - Kid Pan - Alt Future :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 30 6 DBZ OC - Beranise - Ultra Instinct - Vs Vados by MattHunX DBZ OC - Beranise - Ultra Instinct - Vs Vados :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 1 0 RWBY OC - Indra Hara by MattHunX RWBY OC - Indra Hara :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 6 0 RWBY OC - Liliya Volkova by MattHunX RWBY OC - Liliya Volkova :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 2 0 RWBY OC - Disglair Eurwen by MattHunX RWBY OC - Disglair Eurwen :iconmatthunx:MattHunX 7 0


Arm Sheet by Springs Arm Sheet :iconsprings:Springs 276 6 Maya The Siren [SFM Borderlands Poster] by MuratoDelirious Maya The Siren [SFM Borderlands Poster] :iconmuratodelirious:MuratoDelirious 9 3 Jack and Miranda - Resolving sexual tension by Turpuli
Mature content
Jack and Miranda - Resolving sexual tension :iconturpuli:Turpuli 61 6
RWBY Weapon - Patris Legatum by Diyaru4500 RWBY Weapon - Patris Legatum :icondiyaru4500:Diyaru4500 42 10 Korrasami by DailyAvatar Korrasami :icondailyavatar:DailyAvatar 642 28 Maya The Siren [SFM Borderlands Poster] by MuratoDelirious Maya The Siren [SFM Borderlands Poster] :iconmuratodelirious:MuratoDelirious 18 0 Maya (v.1) by Uriziel38 Maya (v.1) :iconuriziel38:Uriziel38 39 1 Badass SciFi gal by LeeJJ Badass SciFi gal :iconleejj:LeeJJ 912 13 SpaceNinja by Shin500 SpaceNinja :iconshin500:Shin500 590 35 Kale by AngelArts2 Kale :iconangelarts2:AngelArts2 45 5 [Adoptable - weapon] Divine Guardian 01 [Close] by WizperXIII [Adoptable - weapon] Divine Guardian 01 [Close] :iconwizperxiii:WizperXIII 49 22 KALE - SUPER SAIYAN DRAGON BALL SUPER by IndominusFreezer KALE - SUPER SAIYAN DRAGON BALL SUPER :iconindominusfreezer:IndominusFreezer 111 6 Kale comission by salvamakoto Kale comission :iconsalvamakoto:salvamakoto 846 43 Dubai Ruins by JonasDeRo Dubai Ruins :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 6,403 372 Korrasami - Tego szukasz? ~ Polish version by KorraPixelPL Korrasami - Tego szukasz? ~ Polish version :iconkorrapixelpl:KorraPixelPL 8 11 Warm up 4/4/2016 by plastic-pipes Warm up 4/4/2016 :iconplastic-pipes:plastic-pipes 329 30


Current Residence: Hungary
Favourite genre of music: all kinds...mostly power-metal
Operating System: Win10
Favourite cartoon character: Megatron, Starscream, Sideways (Cybertron version), Vegetto, Super Android 17, Rogue (XME), Korra, Stark (Bleach), Symbiote Spidey, Knockout (Transformers Prime), Wheeljack (Transformers Prime), Arcee (Transformers Prime), Zero (Mega Man X series)
Personal Quote: "Knock off the sentimental rubbish, and do what's necessary!"


Ruby - Gala Dress (From My Fic)
The dress Ruby ends up wearing in my latest long-ass fic. Up already on fanfiction(.)net and titled: "It Has to Take a Village" a sequel to my "Welcome to Mistral" fic.
RWBY FIC finished. Proofreading done. Need to add an author's note at the end and boom! Will be up on fanfiction(dot)net by the end of the day.
New Religion
Stitched together from stock photos, for the satellite dishes, lightning rods, vultures, dollar symbol, scarecrow and used photos of two disgustingly rich pastors, from different parts of the world.

Inspired by a comment my dad made when we were returning from a trip to an arboretum, a few days ago. We passed a nice-looking church, with two towers, and one of them had a few small satellite dishes on the edge of the roof, just under the cross. My dad jokingly remarked how those dishes will (or just might as well) replace the cross and we laughed it off, but it got me to do this image. Someone mentioned that some churches actually get money for functioning like stations for cell-services, in such a manner, but there's no denying that, today, many replace gods with money, flashy cars and through the net worship those who are either famous or infamous...etc.

The scarecrow in the middle, on the cross instead of an image of Christ, symbolizes the fear-mongering of both the churches and governments. I could've put a sheep, up there, with its limbs nailed to the cross, in a similar fashion and with the top of its head sliced open and the brain missing, but that would've been too graphic. The scarecrow is a more subtle way of implying how the fear of the faithful (and of society) preys on their minds and makes them more easy to manipulate, en masse, while all the wealth their so-called pastors hoard makes them reek of hypocrisy.

The lightning rods are deliberately placed under the actual object they're meant to protect, rendering them useless. The dollar symbolizes their greed and arrogant belief that it will protect them from everything, even from nature's (or a god's) wrath, when it won't. Vultures will eagerly feed, not just on the weak (of mind) and weary, but on their own, as well, as soon as their edifices crumble.
RWBY OC Weapon - Svanhildur
A compound bow that can fold up into a shield. Alessia can use her semblance to project a blade from her aura, either in the same hand she holds the shield in or in the other. The arrow-like projectile can be fired as either a single arrow or it can be exploded into dozens of smaller ones, upon release for a scattershot. Svanhildur comes from the words "swan" and hild "battle". The folding and unfolding can evoke the image of a swan or a bird in general.

Inspired by the bows and class-specific attacks in the MMORPG - SKYFORGE. Also used for my Mega Man X OC - Asteria. 
RWBY OC - Alessia Aurora
Name: Alessia Aurora

Race: Human

Weapon: Svanhildur (Sword/Shield/Bow)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Outfit: Pale-purple dyed leather armor with fake fur  

Accessories: Satchels

Handedness: Right-handed

Complexion: Pale

Height: 6’00’’ (1.83 meters without heels)

Hair Color: Lilac-hued Grey

Eye Color: Aurora-Green (Right) Lilac (Left)

Semblance: Aura-Projection/Manipulation (From her Aura, she is able to create projectiles - single arrows or scatter shots - and blades or envelop the shield-form of her weapon to buff its durability.)

Affiliation: None

Previous Affiliation: Beacon Academy

Occupation: Huntress, Freelancer

Status: Active


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kawaiiloverfan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018
You sir have inspired me to bring out the best me. I've just submitted my first artwork of my new oc Majin Toffee the Majin Saiyan hybrid. I really appreciate your inspiration, thank you so much :')
MattHunX Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018
Wow! I didn't think I'd have that strong an effect. Thanks! I'm glad my words could inspire you.
kawaiiloverfan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018
Indeed, if you like you can see who y new oc is ^^. I'm so proud of myself and I haven't draw in 10 years 👍
MattHunX Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018
I have looked at it, as soon as you replied, yesterday. And see, you're already braver than me. I never uploaded a character art that made completely from scratch, every character art you see in my gallery started with an image of an already existing official character and or stitched together from multiple sources, then redrawn, altered...etc.
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illbecomeyourheroine Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. Goku 
You take DBZ requests? Dragon Ball Z - Goku In A Bigger Pickle icon 
Thank you. Dragon Ball Z - Happy Goku icon 
MattHunX Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017
Sorry, no.
illbecomeyourheroine Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Km92 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow! One more precious llama in my team! Thank you! : llamathankyouplz : by Gasara
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017
Nice gallery:)
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